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IDA-STEP editor components

IDA-STEP v4 editor components provide various data editing capabilities. Depending on the installed editor components, IDA-STEP v4 is capable of editing and displaying various data.

The available editor components are suitable for different editing tasks and can be installed separately, making IDA-STEP v4 a specialized editor, or together, creating a powerful editing tool.

All editors are object oriented. That is, the user can select the icon of any displayed object and drag & drop it somwhere else, delete or copy it to get a new object. The attributes of similar objects are dispalyed in tables or tree-tables. User can simply click into a cell to change the displayed attribute. All editing operations are included in the overall undo and redo system.

By default the editors work on XIM files, a file format that is similar to usual STEP files but is more compact and can be processed much faster. At any time user can export the content of a XIM file into a standard STEP file according to a selected Application Protocol.

Currently there are 3 editor components available for IDA-STEP v4. Visit their pages for detailed information about each editor component: